Prefabrication Process

Our prefabrication program is a collaborative effort between project managers, field foremen, and our prefabrication director. Using state-of-the-art technology and Building Information Modeling (BIM), the team considers project needs, job site space and logistics, materials, and assembly designs to create a customized prefabrication program for each project.

The Value of Prefabrication to Our Customers

Enginuity’s prefabrication capabilities allow us to meet customer schedules and ease the logistical challenges of today’s construction job site, resulting in tighter project schedules and enhanced cost savings.

  • Controlled environment:Our prefabrication is performed in a controlled environment, where weather is not an issue.
  • Consistent Quality Control:In our shop, we have better control over the process, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.
  • Less Job Site Congestion:Taking prefabrication offsite allows us to ease the coordination of trades on the job site, reduce logistical issues with deliveries, and reduce the space needed for personnel, tools, and materials.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact:Off-site prefabrication reduces job site waste.
  • Streamlined projects:By providing prefabrication wherever possible, we are able to mitigate delays and streamline the project schedule.
  • Convenient Storage and On-Demand Delivery: Prefabrication keeps job sites lean. Finished pieces are stored then delivered where and when they are needed.
  • Increased Safety and Security:Prefabrication in a controlled environment means crews are less exposed to adverse working conditions and distractions. With components secured in storage, there is less opportunity for them to become job site hazards or be double handled.
  • Cost Effective:Prefabrication enhances the productivity of a project by streamlining the job site and reducing unwanted costs due to delays, hazards and quality.


November 2020


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