Susquehanna Art Museum

Susquehanna Art Museum

The Susquehanna Art Museum has brought culture to the Midtown area of Harrisburg since 1989. Plans were made to move the physical location of the museum to a historic bank in Midtown, and the owners wanted to make sure that the character of the property was preserved in the finished build. Most importantly, the owners needed to make sure that environmental control was maintained to preserve the art on display.

Early in the design process, Enginuity identified several key areas that would not only protect the aesthetic goal of the museum, but would also save hundreds of thousands of dollars during construction.

“Enginuity was an integral part of the team at the Museum project. Their collaboration and design build recommendations saved the client $250,000. Their onsite leadership and coordination relieved the pressures that are felt on a complex and fast paced project like this.”

– Jessica E. Meyers, Owner/President of JEM Group, General Contractor

“A major construction project is a serious undertaking, and even more serious for a non-profit organization. For the Susquehanna Art Museum in constructing its new home in Midtown Harrisburg, environmental control is critical to the care of valuable works of art on display, representing a major part of expense projections. Enginuity provided an innovative alternative environmental solution with dramatic savings in both construction costs and ongoing operating expenses, enabling the museum to complete its magnificent exhibition space within anticipated budgetary guidelines.”

– Jack Scott, Immediate Past President, Susquehanna Art Museum



October 2014


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