Szeles Real Estate


Szeles built 4900 Ritter Road building in 1989, and as recently as April 2011, the energy costs in the building were as high as $3.30/sqft. With a building size of 56,000 square feet, the costs were astronomical and something needed to change. The owners of the property contacted Enginuity to make a meaningful difference in the energy footprint of the building.

  “When we bought the building at the end of 2010, the controls had been neglected for years and were outdated. The buildings electric costs were over $3.50/sf in a building that was 60% occupied. “
Tod Shutt, Szeles Real Estate Property Manager

Jeff Winterborne, a partner at Enginuity, implemented a complete control system overhaul that not only brought the building up to date, but reduced the energy costs of the building to $1.83/sqft. The month after the new system was up and running, the energy bill was half of what it had been the previous month, and continued to improve in months thereafter. All in all, the project had paid for itself within nine months of full completion.

  “Enginuity came in , gave us a few options, and renovated everything in the building. The savings we incurred in putting in the upgrades were recouped in less than 2 years. Our costs last year, in a building that was 90% occupied, were $1.68/sf.

  The new controls are easily adapted to changes in tenant layouts, and give us maximum flexibility. We would use Enginuity again in a heartbeat for similar work. “
Tod Shutt, Szeles Real Estate Property Manager


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Client: Szeles Real Estate Management

Tod Shutt, Executive Director
(717) 561-1967

Contractor: Enginuity, LLC

Size: $101,200

Contract: Commercial Energy Control Retrofit

Start: April 2011

Complete: May 2011


May 2020


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