West Shore Home

West Shore Home purchased an existing building in a great location for their new corporate offices. Due to its age, West Shore Home decided to completely refurbish the existing building.

Enginuity was tasked with designing and installing a brand-new HVAC system for the building. Our team completely redesigned the existing HVAC system, replacing the existing rooftop package units. The interior now has over 60 independent climate zones controlled by individual VAVs. The new RTU’s are all equipped with Bipolar Ionization making the site not only state of the art, but also creates an extra-safe indoor air quality environment for the 300 employees that will call this office their new work home.

Enginuity also modernized all of the buildings’ plumbing, upgrading all of sinks and restroom facilities. Another design feature in line with our Healthy Space Initiative, were the addition of touchless sinks and lavatories.



February 2021


West Shore Home, JEM Group


  • Commercial
  • Design-Build