It’s one of Enginuity’s Fundamentals. We believe that by putting your ego aside you cut through the nonsense and get to the heart of the matter. This laser focus  results in better communication, stronger relationships, and amazing client outcomes.

What better way to symbolize that than a guided missile? For many years, it sat atop a tall flagpole at Lakenheath AFB in the U.K. to denote the location of the base’s bomb dump. One night in 1974, a strong gust of wind blew it down, and Col. Joseph Kittenger directed a Senior Airman Guided Missile Technician Joe McHenry to dispose of it. He did so by shipping it back, piece by piece, to his parent’s home in Hershey, PA. Now it adorns our conference room as a reminder to those who enter – to Check Their Ego at the Door.

The AIM-4D Falcon was the first operational guided air-to-air missile the U.S. used in combat. In service from 1956-1988, it saw widespread usage in the Vietnam war, most often deployed by the F-4 Phantom. With both radar and heat-seeking variants, it was developed to be launched at enemy bomber formations.