Enginuity Brings Healthy Air to the YMCA

Enginuity, a partner of Central Pennsylvania’s Healthy Spaces Initiative (HSI), announced a donation of new air cleaning equipment to the West Shore branch of the YMCA in order to help one of the area’s largest nonprofits fight the spread of COVID-19 indoors. Enginuity will install 19 advanced Dielectric Barrier Discharge Bipolar Ionization (DBD BPI) units in the facility’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

“Indoor air has got to be part of the conversation about controlling the spread of disease or we’re missing a giant piece of the puzzle,” said Jim Mooney, HSI founder and Enginuity CEO. “Big public facilities like the Y, which supports so many people in the community, deserve systems like this that have a proven record of controlling disease in the air. I say that as both a volunteer and board member.”

By saturating indoor air with beneficial ions that bind to and neutralize contaminants, DBD BPI can achieve a 99.92% reduction in coronavirus from indoor air and surfaces within 30 minutes, according to research from the manufacturer. This process of continuous disinfection relies on natural chemistry and is harmless to humans.

“Tens of thousands of people visit our West Shore branch every year, and these BPI units are one piece of our efforts to provide additional protections in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Richard Curl, President of the Harrisburg Area YMCA. “We greatly appreciate this donation from Enginuity, a longtime supporter of the local YMCA.”

“I love the Y and I volunteer there because it promotes the wellbeing of everyone, regardless of means,” Mooney added. “I can think of no better place to make a major donation to create a healthier indoor environment.”

The announcement comes on the heels of HSI’s release of a national study on how COVID-19 will impact consumer confidence in public spaces and what building owners and operators can do in response. According to the results of the study, sanitation and indoor air quality are among the most important factors consumers consider when deciding where to work, shop and visit.

Installation of the units at the West Shore branch is expected to begin immediately.


The Healthy Spaces Initiative is an alliance working to make shared spaces safer with technologies, equipment and procedures that clean the air, reduce contact surfaces, check for fevers, encourage safe distancing and more. Our mission is to help businesses protect the people in their facilities—and support community recovery, one healthy space at a time. Visit www.Healthy-Spaces.io for more information.