Enginuity LLC Wins 2013 Craftsmanship Award




Enginuity has always prided itself in its responsiveness to its clients, but when we’re recognized for our craftsmanship and attention to detail, it deserves special recognition.

Being a mechanical contractor in Central Pennsylvania means not only handling a client’s needs at a moment’s notice, but executing with the same quality of work that our clients have to to expect of us even when the timeline isn’t tight.

At Arcelor Mittal Steel, in Steelton, PA, we were asked to perform a complicated and involved filter change on three systems during an August 2013 shutdown. Earlier this month, we were awarded an MABX Craftsmanship Award for the work performed there on this filter change.

Arcelor Mittal is a unique and complex work-site, so a craftsmanship award for this client at this location means all the more to us as a company. Cheers!



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