Introducing our newest Engineering Assistant, Wesley Ramirez!

From the first moment that we met Wesley, we knew he’d mesh perfectly with our company culture. Like Enginuity, Wesley asks amazing questions and is warm, personable, and friendly. Wesley recently completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Messiah College, and we are pleased to welcome him aboard as an Engineering Assistant!

We asked him a few questions a few weeks into working with us, printed below so you can get to know him better, too.

1)      Introduce yourself – who are you, what have you done, etc?

“For the past few years I had been an engineering student at Messiah College. During that time, I served as a project engineer in affiliation with an international outreach program (Joni and Friends) for the design and construction of an economical and reliable wheelchair for people with disabilities in developing countries. In addition, I worked as a part time math, physics, and engineering tutor, as well as coaching soccer with younger age groups.”

2)      What excites you about mechanical contracting, as an industry?

“Mechanical contracting is an exciting industry because of the way it not only spearheads the advancement of efficiency and comfort in commercial spaces through careful planning, logistical analysis, and construction of HVAC, plumbing, and other systems, but at the same time, it is heavily involved in the local community; providing someone like me with the frequent opportunity of meeting great people in the area.”

3)      What excites you about working at Enginuity?

“Enginuity is a place that stood out to me as an exciting place to work when I was looking from the outside in because of how active it was in project development and the diverse skill sets of those working here. It not only met but exceeded my expectations when I finally began working alongside genuine, hard-working, and energetic individuals who know how to function as a team as they undertake numerous projects and challenges. I’m eager to continually witness, and play a part, in the growth of the company as I progress, but I’m also excited to learn new things from each person I work with!”

4)      What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

“When I’m not at work, I enjoy frequently attending the gym, listening to music whenever possible, and watching YouTube with a nice cup of coffee!”

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